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Traxxas TRX-4 2021 Ford Bronco


The legend is back. After 25 years, the Bronco has returned as Ford’s top-performing 4X4 and America’s most sought-after SUV. Traxxas has captured the eagerly-anticipated Bronco in exacting detail with all the capability and versatility of the award-winning TRX-4. The Traxxas Bronco combines Ford-approved realism and class-leading performance for exciting off-road adventure no matter where the trail takes you.

How does the TRX-4 Bronco perform?

Now out on the trail, the new Bronco is a joy to drive. Because we opted for the smaller battery and reduced center of gravity, the truck handles our local terrain with ease and control. In the past, some truck bodies were top heavy leading to easy roll overs, but we’re not experiencing any of that with the Bronco, even though Traxxas still used bracing inside, but at least it’s not all the way up at the roof.

Overall, amongst all the TRX-4 trucks, this Bronco is one of the best out-of-the-box performers on the trail, aside from the Sport model. When you consider how great the Bronco body looks, combined with one of the quickest hidden body fastening systems out there, you’ve got yourself one refined and polished trail truck.

Traxxas TRX4 2021 Bronco Review

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